Leadership Advancement | Programs

We offer a range of learning programs to fit the development needs of your current and future leaders at the manager, mid-level, and senior/executive level.  Our learning library contains a broad selection of topics that address issues from performance management to business ethics, leading change, generational differences, and more.

We help you determine the focus for development initiatives, and we listen, discuss options and evaluate the learning styles and methodologies that work in your company culture.

Leadership Development Programs

Five Functions of a Team

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team (but framed in positive terms), with the goal of enhancing trust, accountability, results-focus and improved communication.  This program includes a team assessment that diagnoses strengths and development needs of the team and provides structure to develop action steps based on team and individual learning.

Manager As Coach Learning Series (MACLS)

Effectively coaching others to achieve their full potential is a requirement for organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment. Yet coaching is one of the most overlooked skills. With MACLS, executives gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Employee Engagement

What is the “secret sauce” of employee engagement?  Employers and managers have been surveying, analyzing and discussing the topic for years, but the measurements continue to be dismal.  How can employers increase levels of satisfaction, commitment and personal responsibility, all of which are part of engagement?  Designed for executives, we begin with the most recent research on employee engagement and what works (and what doesn’t) to positively impact engagement levels.  Next, an in-depth exploration of ideas, tools, and real-life scenarios to deepen understanding and move into an action plan toward a more engaged workforce.

Leading Change

Today’s competitive business environment requires new ways of thinking and innovative ways of working.  The required skillsets, mindsets, and toolsets for change leadership include resilience, emotional intelligence and self management, as well as practical day-to-day performance management practices geared toward helping employees thrive in a fast-moving workplace.

Courageous Conversations

Build skill and confidence for having productive, courageous conversations with direct reports, peers, and bosses.  Authentic communication is the linchpin for effective leadership and lasting employee engagement – this program offers insights and tools to deepen learning in this critical skill.

Managing Virtual Teams

Organizations can gain an important advantage in today’s workplace by strengthening trust in virtual teams. Effective virtual teams have established expectations in how they will communicate and collaborate with one another. The benefits of effective virtual teams include, integrated knowledge and skills, increased efficiencies, cost savings, and better customer service.

Perspectives on Ethical Leadership

Inspirational yet practical, this program focuses on fostering a more ethical organizational culture by understanding different ethical perspectives, exploring ethical decision-making tools and discussing real-world ethical dilemmas.

Thriving in the Multigenerational Workforce

Debby Magnuson, author of Work With Me: A New Lens on Leading the Multigenerational Workforce, helps leaders gain an important advantage in today’s workplace by creating understanding of the generational differences that currently impact morale, productivity, and employee retention. The end game is learning how to leverage areas of common ground.

Talent Assessment

Succession Planning and Talent Review
We can help you assess the talent that you have and examine succession readiness and developmental gaps, and then facilitate a process for your leadership team to objectively review and share the data.

Strategic Direction and Role Expectations Assessments
This process develops a profile that describes the ideal leadership practices required to fulfill the leadership aspects of roles and to achieve your organization’s objectives.  This profile aids in leadership selection and development.

Selection Assessment
We can support your executive recruitment process by highlighting behavioral areas that align and misalign with the expectations we help you establish for the role. Our process will enable you to make the best hiring decisions and successfully integrate them into the organizational culture.

360 Degree Assessments
We assess behaviors to establish a baseline for individual development.  The assessments provide a framework for creating development and coaching plans to leverage key talents and minimize potential derailers.

Beyond the Classroom: Blended Learning Solutions

Sometimes classroom learning is the best approach, sometimes it isn’t.  CPI’s learning solutions include Action Learning projects, e-learning, and individual and group coaching to ensure a development process that works for different learning styles.  You know that when it comes to your people one size doesn’t fit all, so we provide a variety of learning methodologies that work with large groups, small groups and individuals.  We are happy to discuss the benefits and best application for differing approaches.