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Executive Coaching

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Our executive coaching programs are customized to develop the leadership competencies and culture needed to address specific business challenges and achieve organizational success.

Outplacement & Career Transition

Leadership Onboarding

Proven solutions that help executives successfully transition into the next phase of their careers. Receive modern-day resources and support to accelerate the career transition process.

Leadership Assessments

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Elevate your leadership talent with our customized assessment programs designed to provide valuable insights and fit the development needs of current and future leaders at all levels.

Presense inview
Enhance Your Profile On Social Media

Access our proprietary Presence InView™ tools for an in-depth brand audit that uses artificial intelligence to help executives understand their digital profile and online brand profile. Our suite of technology tools, combined with personalized assistance from a brand strategy consultant, will provide executives a clear advantage by analyzing their competition and prepare them for tough interviews.

Executive Brand InView™

The Executive Brand InView™ report is an in-depth brand audit that provides executives with an understanding of their own digital profiles. The report advises how to best present an executive on social media. Executives select multiple online profiles to compare with their personal brand. 

Your Style InView™

The Your Style InView™ report provides artificial intelligence based data on how you can influence a person you might be meeting for the first time. 

What are the words you should use? What are you saying on social media channels? The Style InView™ report gives you the targeted data to define how you should talk, engage and work with a potential employer or prospective client. 

Brand InView™

The Brand InView™ report provides professionals with an understanding of their own digital profiles. The report advises how to best present a professional on social media. 

Ron Davis
Ron Davis
March 23, 2022.
Without Career Partners International, Twin Cities (CPI) my job search would have taken significantly more time and I likely would have settled for a less than ideal position instead of one that was a perfect fit. My previous position was eliminated and in my first session I was quickly coached on how to improve design my resume for applicant tracking systems. Most importantly, I learned that I have skills that are needed in the workplace. After a position elimination, I felt unwanted and rejected. My first meeting demonstrated that I have needed skills. I was completely energized after feeling defeated and scared. In addition to job search skills, other "real life'" needs were discussed such as how I was going to handle insurance, filing for unemployment and how to organize my day. I quickly started receiving interviews thanks to the coaching I received from CPI. My coach Lorrie motivated me, made me better and held me accountable. The training and networking sessions offered are of huge value. I met great contacts and learned valuable lessons such as how to improve my LinkedIn profile and leverage recruiters. I highly recommend CPI and plan to continue my relationship with them.
Marty Brown
Marty Brown
February 2, 2022.
How do I summarize the importance of an organization that was and continues to play a critical role in my career? CPI – Twin Cities was there for me after I lost my job. They gave me the tools to begin the job search process and offered incredible programs to learn more about the process and about myself too. I also met some great people at these programs who I have continued to stay in contact with after my job search was over. CPI isn’t there only at the beginning, like the parent of a child learning to ride a bicycle. They don’t just give you a good shove and yell “Good luck!” as you start down the street trying to stay upright. They continue to offer their incredible programs and check on your job search progress and your situation, be it mental health, motivation, etc. They provide support that sometimes you don’t even realize you need. Losing your job is never easy. It is difficult knowing what to do and how best to do it. It is extremely helpful to have a knowledgeable and supportive resource like CPI to help you. I can’t imagine going through this process without them!
Randall Shanks
Randall Shanks
January 20, 2022.
They are professional, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They have a very talented team to walk through each step in the process. I was so thankful to have them coach me through my career change.
Claire GB
Claire GB
January 11, 2022.
As an HR professional, building relationships with ethical, client-focused firms is imperative to providing services for employees. While I had partnered with CPI from one side of the desk for years, I found myself in the opposite seat during a company reshuffle last year. The CPI team has been invaluable for my personal and professional development through the vast array of assessment, coaching, and development programs. If you are seeking a true partner for personal growth or for your organization when the difficult decision has to be made to impact your employees, CPI must be on your short list to call. Let Maureen, Claire, Tamara and the other coaches guide you to personal and organizational success!
Brendan Bannigan
Brendan Bannigan
December 27, 2021.
I greatly appreciated the speed of CPI reaching out to me shortly after learning I was displaced. The President and CEO of CPI, Maureen O'Malley Rehfuss, immediately connected me with Tamara Tasche who sprung into action. We quickly updated my resume, personal commercial, networking pitch, and Linked-In profile with the expert assistance of Anne Pryor who is outstanding. We then turned our attention to job applications and cover letters. Tamara helped immensely with interview preparation and helping me find my balance between enthusiasm and how I can specifically help my next employer. I became much for comfortable telling my story and articulating the value I could bring to a future role. Her advice along the way was spot-on. Tamara even helped me negotiate my new salary. Finally, Tamara sent me the book, The New Leader's 100 Day Action Plan, to help me get off to a quick start in my new job. I am eternally grateful to Tamara Tasche and the entire CPI Team. I highly recommend them.
Kellie Christensen
Kellie Christensen
December 26, 2021.
I chose CPI, Twin Cities for my outplacement services in 2020 because I knew Anne Pryor was on staff. Her knowledge on LinkedIn is the best out there. As an executive experiencing transition for the first time, the resources I had access to at CPI were critical for what I needed to have to market myself successfully with consistent and authentic messaging and branding - which led to being found on LinkedIn and then landing a fantastic new career opportunity. All of the caring coaches at CPI have the experience you need to help you land and keep you accountable on your progress.
Randy Cagle
Randy Cagle
December 22, 2021.
I will never forget the invaluable services provided by CPI for my career advancement and success. In seeking a academic leadership position in spring 2021, I contacted CPI for guidance. I was quickly connected with executive coach Tamara Tasche, who was a rock of support throughout the process. Tamara marshalled all the tools at CPI's disposal to help me gain self-awareness and insight into my options. From weekly Zoom sessions with Tamara I gained both confidence and resilience. Her help in developing my CV/ resume and application letters, as well as interviewing practice and advice, were stellar. Participating in the Vantage Executive Forums was also fruitful : I gained knowledge of the employment landscape and built relationships with professionals across the state. I highly recommend Career Partners International, Twin Cities.
Pavan Allalaghatta
Pavan Allalaghatta
November 9, 2021.
I highly recommend any Executives in transition or considering a career change to meet with CPI Twin Cities’ coaches. You’ll not only build your network, but also gain multiple new leadership skills in the process. I met some truly wonderful and talented people at CPI by participating in their weekly Vantage Executive Forum. I also benefitted a lot by attending their weekly Empower Hour webinars that featured executive coaches, thought leaders, business leaders and motivational speakers. Thanks to CPI Twin Cities for making their weekly forums open to everyone in transition – not every outplacement company does this, so this was truly appreciated. Thanks for introducing me to a wide variety of executive contacts, some of whom have become close friends.

Empower! Hour

Empower! Hour is a bi-monthly meeting for all candidates in job transition. It is offered on Monday mornings for one hour and includes a guest speaker on a job search related topic and breakout sessions for networking. Empower! Hour is currently open to candidates in the larger Twin Cities area and attendance is free.
Vantage Executive Forum

Vantage Executive Forum

Vantage Executive Forum offers facilitated training covering best practices in executive job search and leadership development. It also offers opportunities for networking and building relationships that last over one’s career. Vantage Executive Forum is currently open to director and up candidates in the Twin Cities area and attendance is free.
leadership insights

Leadership Insights

Access thought-provoking leadership development ideas and best practices to elevate your career and reputation. Thinking of a career change? Discover the latest thought leadership insights and advice for those seeking a job change or career transition.Take the step in the right direction and view our insights articles.

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