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Jennifer J. Pollard, EdD, SMS 1

Jennifer J. Pollard, EdD, SMS

Career Consultant

Jennifer Pollard is a Career Consultant with CPI Twin Cities where she is an executive and outplacement coach and talent management consultant. In her role, she specializes in communicating a consistent online persona and has considerable research and presentation specialties in growth mindset and transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurial ventures. Before joining CPI, Jenn worked primarily as a human resource representative and communications specialist.

Jenn’s work includes instructing higher education courses, facilitating corporate trainings, managing conflict, coaching individuals, and guiding individual and organizational development and change. She also creates customized training opportunities for corporate and academic clients. Her passions are in creating awareness and dialogue for psychological health and diversity, as well as leading with authentic, transparent, and positive influence.

Additionally, she is a faculty instructor at the University of Minnesota within the Leadership Minor program and is owner of ConnecTTall Resource Group focusing on connecting people, profits, and perceptions specializing in HR consultation and using her communication, psychology, and business knowledge in adaptive and engaging coaching, consulting, and training.

Education and Credentials

Jenn holds an undergraduate degree in communications, a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. Jenn is also a certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) and instructs with the National Institute for Social Media.

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