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Lorrie Saito

Career Consultant

Helping Leaders Know Themselves Better, Lead More Consciously, Serve More Richly

Lorrie Saito is a Career Consultant with CPI Twin Cities where she is an outplacement coach. She is also Owner & Principal Consultant at L.A. Saito & Associates where she uses her skills as a change strategist and learning expert to serve businesses focused on improving company culture from the human side.

Lorrie has extensive experience providing coaching and feedback sessions for training facilitators, supervisors and managers and has also conducted 360-degree assessment feedback sessions for individuals and intact workgroups. With over 10+ years of involved innovative design, development, and delivery of training and development initiatives in corporate and professional service organizations, Lorrie adds value to CPI by collaborating with individuals to provide meaningful coaching and training sessions.

Education and Credentials

Lorrie holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Development from University of St. Thomas, along with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. She holds a Change Cycle Master Facilitator Certification from Interchange International, and a Crucial Conversations Certification from Vital Smarts. Lorrie is also an experienced assessor with career and development-related tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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