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Peg Butler 1

Peg Butler

Executive Coach

Partnering to Grow Leadership Capacity

Peg understands the importance of unlocking individual and team potential and growing leadership capacity. As a certified executive coach, she brings significant leadership experience, a strong understanding of organizational dynamics, and a deep knowledge of change management practices to each coaching engagement. She approaches her work with a warm, straightforward style to set the stage for open, collaborative dialogue.

Peg has experience within small and large healthcare organizations and system-wide support organizations, as well as global coaching experience within the technology, professional services, and agribusiness industries. Throughout her career, she has contributed in a variety of areas, including executive human resources leadership (CHRO), organization redesign, succession management, leadership assessment and development, employee transition and onboarding, and change management. Peg strongly believes in a collaborative, systemic approach to individual and organizational change, and she partners with others to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Education and Credentials

Peg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from the University of St. Thomas. She received her coaching certificate from The Hudson Institute of Coaching and is certified in several assessment, coaching, and team tools.

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