Meet the Team

Tamara Tasche

Tamara K. Tasche, M.S., L.P.

Senior Vice President of Executive and Transition Services

Promoting Growth throughout the Leader’s Journey

Tamara has over 20 years of experience working with leaders throughout the full employment experience – from executive onboarding to coaching and development, and through transition to new employment. As an executive coach, she leverages solid assessment abilities, a talent for structuring process and action steps, a systems perspective, and well-honed coaching skills to inspire growth and to support her clients in selecting and implementing purposeful behavior that will produced desired results.

As the VP of Executive and Transition Services for CPI Twin Cities, Tamara leads the executive coaching, onboarding, assessment, and transition practice areas. She works with clients from small, privately-held enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Tamara is a warm and engaging coach and educational speaker. Recognized as a thought leader in creating meaningful coaching and transition experiences, she develops and delivers customized and personalized services that are differentiated in the marketplace and lead to success.

When not working, Tamara enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling, gardening, and entertaining by her backyard pool.

Education and Credentials

Tamara is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Minnesota. She earned a Master of Science degree in Psychology from St. Louis University and has completed considerable postgraduate education in Organizational Psychology. She obtained her coaching certificate through New Ventures West.

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