Having Fun is Job #1

Led by: Claire Edmondson

Monday, August 21th at 10:00 am CST

Empower! Hour

Being heads down in the job hunt during the summer months can be tough.  You wake up each day with gorgeous sunshine and you find it difficult to get motivated to pick up the phone or to network with new people.  You tell yourself little lies like “no one is hiring now anyway” or “I can’t go to this same networking event again” or “I’ll just enjoy the weather while I can” because you want to take off the summer to work on your tan lines and not your tag lines.  To succeed in your search, summer is the best time to differentiate yourself by getting out in front of job prospects even more often – especially when your competition is sleeping in.  If you want to stay on track and make even more progress, you’ll need to add some fun along the way.

Please join us for some fresh new ideas to job prospect this summer, while still making time for you to enjoy yourself.  We’ll bring our creative hats, do some improv, play some games and certainly have a little fun along the way.   

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1) Ideas for how to keep your mindset clear and open to new and unusual experiences

2) How to find usefulness in any idea, information or insight – to help move forward quickly

3) Simple reframing exercises to help you take what’s negative and turn it into a positive

4) Creative ways to say thank you (that won’t cost you a dime)

5) Where to find free events to reward yourself with after a long day of job search

Claire’s Summer Job-Hunting Forecast:  Sun and Fun Guaranteed – with a chance of learning. 

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About the Coach

Claire is a highly accomplished senior executive and founder of Key Leader Resources, a boutique career and talent management firm with a proven track record of driving organizational growth and maximizing individual potential.

As a business development executive, Claire has worked with numerous C-suite executives and senior leaders, helping them enhance their leadership capabilities, improve decision-making skills, and navigate complex business challenges. She began her career in HR with the Marriott Corporation, and has held consulting roles with the Seabury Group, Right Management, Linkage, and most recently, Career Partners International, Twin Cities as the Vice President of Talent Solutions.  She has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the corporate landscape and a keen ability to inspire confidence and commitment in others to achieve success.

Claire’s coaching methodology is derived from a combination of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and effective communication to help clients envision successful outcomes. She is known for developing coaching and leadership programs tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each client.  She specializes in coaching others in change and transition.

In addition to running a consulting business, Claire is a current board member for the Human Resources Executive Forum–Minnesota (HREF-MN), where she Co-Chairs the Sponsorship Committee, bringing fresh perspectives, positivity and a dedication to growth and innovation.

She is actively involved in mentoring and volunteering and giving back to the community.  She enjoys travelling, playing the ukelele and learning new games (mahjong is a new favorite).

Education and Certifications:

Claire holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Boston College.  She has an Organizational Development certification from the University of Minnesota.  At the University of St. Thomas, she completed two programs:  an Executive MBA Program at the Center for Business Excellence along with the FastTrac Business Management Program at the Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship. Other notable certifications include Strategy and Culture Alignment Tool from Work Effects, Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International, and Negotiating to Yes, Certified Instructor, from Wilson Learning.

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Claire Edmondson

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