Connect. Interview. HIRED!
Your Value Proposition is THE
Life Skill You Need Right Now

Presented by: Claire Edmondson

Monday, August 8th at 10:00 am CST

Empower! Hour

There is a special, highly sought-after skill required for everyone in job transition: get comfortable with introducing yourself to a complete stranger, sound genuine, personable, and interesting, all in 30 seconds or less. Success is when they learn enough about you and your background to be intrigued – and they hope you’ll keep talking to get to know you even better. The questions on your listener’s mind are: “Why should I meet you? Do I trust you? Why should I connect you to my network? Why would I hire you?” among many others. There are several descriptions for this important life skill: elevator pitch, personal commercial, unique value proposition, personal introduction, or branding statement. It all comes down to changing your perspective from “this is a memorized me” to “this is a unique and memorable me” so you can “wow” a brand new acquaintance.
Led by seasoned sales and leadership professional, Claire Edmondson, this workshop allows you the opportunity to practice and present YOUR 30-second commercial and get “on-the-spot” feedback on what they liked, and what they’d recommend you improve going forward. We understand this may feel uncomfortable for some people to “practice” in public – but perhaps it’s better to practice with your peers than with a Hiring Manager? We’ll have a tool you can use to put together your “value prop” and we’ll encourage a group coaching effort as well. To ensure everyone’s participation, we’d like to limit the introductions to 30 seconds each, followed by feedback from each Coach for 30 seconds each. We’ll be efficient AND effective.
Join us for our first-ever “Spot Coaching” event – our goal for the session is for each one of you to gain greater confidence and establish instant credibility with your future networking interactions.

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About the Presenter

For nearly 15 years, Claire Edmondson has consulted in HR, Career Management, and Leadership Development, and worked with clients around the globe to deliver hundreds of assessments, coaching, and leadership training programs. She has built her reputation on delivering business insights combined with outstanding service. Claire’s background lends her a broad range of corporate industry exposure to draw upon, along with her experience as an entrepreneur and executive leader.
Claire’s professional experience includes her recent role as Vice President of Client Solutions for CPI Twin Cities, where she consulted with corporate clients on their workforce strategy and offered coaching on career and leadership solutions. Prior to CPI, Claire was Principal Consultant for Key Leader Resources (KLR), where she led a team of consultants delivering career and leadership development programs. Claire served as the primary relationship manager for all client relationships, project managed program deliveries, and expanded the company’s consulting and coaching offerings.
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Claire Edmondson

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