Leading with Strength

Led by: Beth Johnson

Monday, July 17th at 10:00 am CST

Empower! Hour

Join us for our next Empower! Hour Where Beth Johnson will present on Leading with Strength. 

In 2022, three times as many people left their job due to “Engagement and Culture” or “Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance” reasons, compared with the number of people who primarily left for better “Pay/Benefits.” It’s not so much about the pay, it’s about doing what we are best at and finding a fit. 

When our work utilizes our talents and what our natural strengths are, we are better able to thrive in our careers and our wellbeing is enhanced. Every person is one of a kind, with a unique set of strengths. While we can (and should) try anything we wish to, long-term success will elude us unless we have a basic talent for the endeavor. This webinar includes a five-minute test, and an introduction to the strengths assessment for individuals and teams. The best team leaders are those who know their own strengths and work to maximize their colleagues’ strengths.

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About the Coach

Beth Johnson is a lifelong learner and communicator. After 20 years in the public sector in education and communications, she spent 14 years in professional services marketing before focusing on her coaching/training business. She is energized by working with teams and individuals to explore how working in our strengths promotes wellbeing, especially in the workplace. As a certified CliftonStrengths and DiSC coach, she enjoys seeing the transformative value the assessments can hold. Her passion for effective communications has provided her invitations to present at regional and national conferences. 

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Beth Johnson

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