The Power of Knowing Your Emotion
During Job Transition

Led by: Cathi Williams

Monday, March 20th at 10:00 am CST

Empower! Hour

Job transitions can be mentally draining as you navigate the unknown. Not only is your professional life affected but it has a big impact on your personal life too. Understanding where these emotions stem can benefit or impair your personal and professional life. During this hour session you will learn to: 

 – Process your emotions

–  Build self-confidence

– Make the right decisions so you can show up as the best version of yourself.

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About the Coach

Cathi Williams inspires audiences to take action immediately, enabling people to discover how to live their best life possible! She’s spoken for groups nationally including Hyatt’s annual conference educating and inspiring their top 100 clients on developing their own vision toward a healthier travel lifestyle. 

Cathi has been pivotal with business leaders, enlightening pathways that redefine their “why,” bettering productivity, self-confidence and overall satisfaction. Cathi’s a certified master life coach, focusing on business leaders mindset to improve their personal and professional lives.

Cathi Williams

Cathi Williams  

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