What Did I Do Wrong? Does it Matter

Led by: Annette Villamil

Monday, Monday 15th at 10:00 am CST

Empower! Hour

Being let go or letting go of a job – it’s not easy! It can cause us to reflect – sometimes on negatives, sometimes and hopefully on the positives, and how those reflections can take us forward with focused energy to find our new work home.

At our Empower Hour on May 15th, join Annette Villamil, for an engaging discussion about how to sort it out, support others, and move forward with clarity about what you can offer and with confidence! 

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About the Coach

Annette has been helping leaders develop and engage their teams for 35 years, as a C-Suite executive, global transformation leader, consultant, and human resource professional. She recently started as CPIs Chief Client Officer and is always committed to great transition experiences. She has experiences in manufacturing, engineering product development, international M&A, railways, and financial and legal services. She led organizational capability builds in the United States, Great Britain, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Clients often comment that she can more easily connect to some of the workplace challenges they face, based on those experiences.

Annette Villamil

Annette Villamil 

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