Ageism in the Workplace

Presented by: Annette Villamil

Monday, September 18th at 10:00 am CDT

Empower! Hour

During the years of our work lives, we travel from younger years where we learn and experiment, to confidence in our abilities and knowledge, to being recognized for wisdom to share. That’s fine if the ones with wisdom are actively working. But when these experienced (and often, older, workers) are looking for a new job, assumptions change and stereotypes set in. Ageism becomes a real roadblock to land a new job. For those in the workplace, regardless of age, we all have opportunities to ensure ageism is eliminated in the hiring process.
Annette wants to help each participant understand that ageism is a real issue in the workplace, and seeks to help all generations in attendance plug in to their part of helping reduce or eliminate it.
What she’ll cover:
  • Ageism defined; Red Flag Interviewing Qs. & The Law
  • Perceptions about ourselves as we age
  • Insights on Modern Elders
  • Consider advocating for change

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About the Presenter

Annette has been helping leaders develop and engage their teams for 35 years, as a C-Suite executive, global transformation leader, consultant, and human resource professional. She has experiences in manufacturing, engineering product development, international M&A, railways, and financial and legal services. She led organizational capability builds in the United States, Great Britain, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Clients often comment that she can more easily connect to some of the workplace challenges they face, based on those experiences.

She was grateful for the early experience of briefly working with Edward Deming, a quality pioneer, after the organization she served won the Malcolm Baldridge and Minnesota Quality Award. It was during that time she strengthened her understanding of how people and organizations can systemically transform themselves with intention through authentic leadership.

She helps clients clarify their intentions, develop confidence in their abilities, and commit to act. Their coaching journey begins with a partnered discovery process to identify their strengths and natural tendencies that then fold into a leadership roadmap to guide further growth and support personal accountability. This work is followed with regular coaching sessions to support learnings and actionable insights along the way. Clients come away with new ways to balance their own drive for results with a healthy ego and relationships that lead to higher levels of trust and followership.

Read more about Annette here.

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Annette Villamil

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