Change is Hard: How to Lead through
the Awkwardness Gracefully

Presented by: Jennifer Pollard

Monday, September 26th at 10:00 am CDT

Empower! Hour

What comes to mind when you hear the word, change? Maybe words like difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable? But change can also be fun, beautiful, evolutionary… and even enjoyable! This presentation will help you to differentiate between organizational change and personal transition and to examine change as a process.
While changing can be awkward, it can also be a fun experiment! So let’s lead ourselves through it with grace, poise, and style (plus a little amusement), leaving this session with strategies for successful transitions.

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About the Presenter

Jennifer Pollard is a Career Consultant with CPI Twin Cities where she is an executive and outplacement coach and talent management consultant. In her role, she specializes in communicating a consistent online persona and has considerable research and presentation specialties in growth mindset and transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurial ventures. Before joining CPI, Jenn worked primarily as a human resource representative and communications specialist.

Jenn’s work includes instructing higher education courses, facilitating corporate trainings, managing conflict, coaching individuals, and guiding individual and organizational development and change. She also creates customized training opportunities for corporate and academic clients. Her passions are in creating awareness and dialogue for psychological health and diversity, as well as leading with authentic, transparent, and positive influence. Read more about Jenn here.

Empower! Hour: September 26 - Change is Hard 1

Jennifer Pollard

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