“We provide customized tools, strategies and support to make transition a success”

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Organizations partner with CPI Twin Cities to ensure that their employees are given the resources and support they need to make successful transitions. Separating employees is seldom an easy decision for employers and entails careful planning and execution. Providing quality outplacement assistance both positions employees for ongoing career success and preserves the organization’s reputation.

Our model focuses on individual outcomes and promises an individual coach for every engagement. Clients who select CPI Twin Cities credit our strong relationships with participants and our reputation for helping them land in jobs that are the right fit. Other providers may limit access to coaches or solely rely on an online experience.

CPI’s approach embraces the individual experience

“I can’t say enough positive things about CPI! The process, resources, and support are all top notch. But the most important thing is your positive energy and friendship. You transformed a horrible situation into one filled with opportunities.” IT Director

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What will a CPI Twin Cities participant experience?

We provide a coach—not just a group lecture and a workbook.

Faced with the distress that typically accompanies a layoff, separating employees deserve a personal coach to guide them through many decisions—whether to pursue the same career, train for a new vocation, relocate, retire, or start their own businesses. With time-proven techniques, a wealth of corporate experience, and a pulse on the local job market, CPI consultants provide one-on-one coaching that puts participants miles ahead of self-administered outplacement programs.
We put resources at participants’ fingertips.
While face-to-face career coaching is central in our transition programs, CPI also has an array of relevant resources available to participants, including an extensive proprietary online career portal, live workshops, webinars, weekly networking events, and more!
We customize the program for corporate and individual needs.
CPI’s outplacement programs are highly flexible. We offer services tailored for senior executives, directors and professionals, as well as group workshops, each incorporating individual coaching. CPI’s online career portal, along with coaching, makes remote programs a highly engaging solution. Every transition engagement at CPI meets the needs of both client companies and individual participants.

We care about the success of each participant.

Our key differentiators include:

Individualized Coaching

We provide a trusted advisor to guide participants through the ups and downs of the career transition process and drive outcome-based results.

Ongoing Support

We’re not finished until the participant is satisfied they have what they need to land successfully.

Constant Innovation

We ensure that our tools, resources and support address current marketplace trends. Our coaches engage in continuous education and are thought leaders in career transition.

Career Community

Our alumni, over 3,000 strong, have volunteered to give back to our current participants.

Staff Expertise

  • Social Media Coach for online presence
  • Psychologist for assessment, feedback and career options
  • Entrepreneurial Coach for consulting and business start-ups
  • New Horizon Certified Coaches for pre-retirement planning
  • Branding Certified Coaches to help define value propositions
  • Career Change coaches to help navigate new career options

Worldwide Reach

CPI Twin Cities is an equity partner in Career Partners International (CPI). With 260 offices in more than 40 countries, wherever our clients are located, we can provide a full range of services.


CPI Twin Cities offers a wide range of outplacement programs for our client organizations and transitioning participants.

Comprehensive Programs for Managers and Individual Contributors

 “I had a big change in my life after working at the same company for 23 years. I can’t think of anyone that could have guided me through it like you did. You put me at ease and I didn’t feel alone through the process.”

—Sales Professional

We begin each transition engagement by listening and learning. We uncover the participant’s circumstances, concerns and dreams, then we leverage the right resources to achieve their goals.

An individual coach helps each participant make the most of one-on-one consulting, workshops, our CPI online career portal, peak performance teams, speaker series, Skillsoft e-learning courses, office resources, and more.

 “I truly believe CPI and its professional staff contributed to my rapid and successful employment. CPI provided me with the marketing tools and knowledge I needed to be competitive in today’s job market. This comprehensive program equipped me to face my challenges with optimism and confidence.”

—Project Manager

Executive Transition Programs

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Our extended individual consulting assures successful outcomes

Group Training Workshops

Group outplacement workshops deliver efficient and cost-effective job search training. We provide one, two or three days of intensive training by experienced job search coaches. Organizations can enhance our workshops with additional services such as individual consultation. We will customize the program to company and employee needs.

Mature Workforce Programs

New Horizons: Mapping Your Life Options™ challenges conventional thinking about retirement as the abrupt cessation of career and active living. By enabling mature workers to map their life options, this individual or group program benefits both employees and organizations. Mature workers feel more secure about their future, and companies cultivate strategic relationships with valued workers that last long beyond typical retirement age.