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Optimize Executive Performance to Drive Organizational Results

To boost your organization’s ability to compete in the marketplace, our consultants commit to understanding and addressing the unique circumstances and objectives of each executive. You get personalized solutions that bring innovation and relevance to the process.

As coaches we provide a knowledgeable and objective external sounding board to explore new opportunities, behaviors, and options. Executives have access to broad expertise across industries and disciplines, and specialized capabilities to meet your unique needs.

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Executive coaching facilitates awareness, builds skills, and advances behavioral change to optimize leadership performance. Engaging the experts at CPI Twin Cities enables your organization to align executive coaching objectives with business strategy.

Outcomes from coaching often include:
  • Competitive advantage due to enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Increased leader engagement
  • Improved business results
  • Greater bench strength throughout the organization
  • Better high-potential development and increased accountability
Each executive coaching engagement carefully integrates organizational intention and context to ensure coaching outcomes move business strategy forward.
  • Participants select from a broad range of coaches with unique backgrounds and credentials
  • Our deep leadership assessments optimize insights and development throughout the process
  • Written learning plans developed in partnership between coach and participant drive specific, measurable results

“The CPI team is a class act. Their dynamic and engaging style combined with broad experience helped me to navigate a critical transition phase in my career. With in-depth knowledge and a trusting relationship, they took on the role of executive coach. The CPI team gave me the support and help which has led to me making a great career step, advancing to a CEO position with a company in the UK.”

—Fredrik Korallus, Chief Executive Officer


Executive Transition services are highly customized to meet the unique needs and opportunities of each participant. Director-level through C-suite executives receive the resources they need to focus, launch successful search campaigns, and land in best-fit roles. Services are delivered by consultants that are experienced in multiple industries and disciplines.

Executives in transition receive individualized and team coaching, connections to CPI’s expansive network, networking opportunities, and leadership development experiences. We support all stages of executive transition by tapping into our coaching team’s breadth and depth of business experience. Our coaches focus on learning about and earning the trust of clients to establish quality relationships. Our experienced advisors facilitate significant career decisions every day.

“My CPI coach was absolutely the best partner I could have asked for during my career transition. Her no-nonsense, practical approach to getting results quickly was exactly what I needed, and her professionalism and expertise were invaluable to me in the process. I knew that she cared about me both as a person and a professional, and her unwavering support and confidence in me kept me going during some difficult times.”

 —Kathy Hollenhorst, President

Up to sixty percent of newly hired executives fail in the first 18 months on the job0%


Coaches at CPI Twin Cities apply the latest onboarding practices to significantly reduce the risk of executive failure in high stakes placements and drive the probability of success on the new job.

Throughout the onboarding engagement, a critical external perspective is provided by the coach. Executives are presented with thought-provoking questions and led through a step-by-step process to effectively overcome the primary onboarding challenges encountered in a new role: cultural assimilation, best practice implementation, and perception management.


Whether your goal is executive realignment, succession planning, or leadership development, executives receive valuable insights to make career decisions and inspiration to pursue growth. Based on desired outcomes, our expert consultants select the best assessment tools and strategies to evaluate career interests, skills, aptitudes, values, leadership style, and development needs.

As we work with individuals to address their needs, our consultants seek to understand their unique passions, talents, personalities, and potential. Each development plan is customized and designed to create alignment and optimize career advancement within the organizational system.

CPI takes the same professional approach to onboarding as they do to executive coaching and transition. They are experts in leading the newly hired executive through an assessment of the company environment, clarifying the goals and objectives that must be achieved, and developing the strategy and plans needed to obtain successful results. Advantage clearly goes to the CPI-mentored executive and to the hiring company that will immediately reap the benefits.”

—John Nolan, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Executive

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