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We Partner with Organizations to Ensure a Ready Supply of Talent

Your business is constantly evolving, which requires you to stay on top of the changes. That includes breaking new ground in talent development and readiness. We’re your partner in solving today’s problems and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

Every organization has unique talent management needs—needs overlooked by a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we take time to understand your business objectives and provide customized solutions.

Our range of talent assessment and learning programs fit the development needs of current and future leaders at all levels. You receive highly interactive and engaging programs built on subject matter expertise on topics from performance management to business ethics, leading change, managing the multigenerational workforce, and more.

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How Strong is Your Leadership Bench?


No issue keeps executive leaders awake at night more than succession planning. With Boomers retiring at an increasing pace, many organizations are facing the reality that the need for ready leadership successors is knocking at the door.  Our solutions ensure you have the right leaders with the right skills, ready to step up.

The Succession Challenge

As leaders move up in the organization and their careers progress, responsibilities increase in:

  • Breadth
  • Demands
  • Complexity
  • Strategic challenge
  • Pace of change
  • Size of the organization that depends on the leader
High potential is NOT the same thing as high performance. You need a way to assess both of these critical factors in your current talent pool. Let us help!

The Business Case for High Quality Succession

The case for a high quality, intentional succession strategy includes positive revenue impact as well as increased productivity and employee engagement, enabling faster and stronger growth and more successful integration of new acquisitions. High-performing transitioning leaders reach full productivity nine months before average-performing transitioning leaders.

According to Corporate Executive Board research, successful successor transitions* result in:
  • 15% better performance of direct reports
  • 20% increase in direct reports’ intent to stay with the company
  • 20% better results in direct reports’ engagement levels
* Comparing outcomes of leaders who transition smoothly into their new roles and those who “tread water” during their transition.
Source:  The Corporate Executive Board and the CEB Leadership & Development Council Research

The Risks of Non-action

The risks of promoting or hiring leaders without adequate planning and development are significant. Without intentional strategic and action development, typical outcomes include

  • Inadequate previous experience
  • Misaligned cultural fit
  • Lack of mentors inside the organization
  • Reliance on technical knowledge vs. leadership
  • Unclear vision from the top
  • Stuck on what worked in the past
  • No time to effectively onboard to new roles

CPI Twin Cities’ Succession Process

CPI’s talent experts have comprehensive solutions to meet your succession needs, including

  • Succession analysis
  • Leadership needs and gaps clarification
  • High-potential identification
  • Talent assessment for succession at multiple levels
  • Talent review/Nine-Box mapping for potential and performance
  • Executive Coaching for leadership readiness
  • Leadership Development programming for manager to executive levels


Talent Review for Promotions & Succession Planning

We help you assess the talent within your organization for succession readiness and developmental gaps, evaluating each participant for standard benchmarks for leadership, key organizational competencies, and unique needs of specific roles. We then facilitate a process for your leadership team to objectively review and share the data.

360 Degree Assessments

Employees at all levels need and want actionable feedback that furthers their professional development. Our 360/Multi-rater surveys provide feedback from multiple perspectives regarding critical behaviors that drive individual development and organizational success.

Selection Assessment

Our talent assessments provide critical insights regarding a candidate’s strengths and developmental opportunities, long-term potential, and derailment risks. Our conclusions provide you with the most accurate information available to power your organization’s hiring and promoting decisions.


Custom programs are created for your entire talent pipeline as well as easy-to-deploy offerings. We help you determine the focus for development initiatives. We listen, discuss options, and evaluate learning styles and methodologies that work in your company culture. From strategic senior teams to broader leadership development offerings, we know what it takes to develop talent.

You are a full partner. Executive support is critical to the success of any development engagement. CPI Twin Cities welcomes the opportunity to learn more about how we can best work with you and your organization to create relevant, engaging, and results-focused learning experiences.
You receive ongoing support to make sure learning sticks. All learning programs are enriched by follow-up coaching, which ensures sustained individual and business growth.
Most CPI Leadership development topics can be delivered as an in-depth workshop, keynote, or presentation. Our presentations are customized to meet audience needs and are delivered in a fast-paced and engaging format.

Multi-day Leadership Learning Experiences

Leadership Fundamentals

The Leadership Fundamentals Program (LFP) supports managers and leaders in effective performance management of their people. The components of this multi-day program include coursework and application exercises to gain insights, practice new skills, and apply learning on the job. Key outcomes for LFP include:

  • Insight into personal style and communication habits
  • Awareness of company expectations of leadership roles, responsibilities, values and ethics
  • Ability to onboard, develop and retain talented employees
  • Communication skills, including 1:1 touch base, everyday feedback, and courageous conversations
  • Change management skills
  • Identifying development opportunities and implementation of individual improvement action plans for self and for team members
Manager groups of up to 20 participants engage in multi-day learning sessions offered as consecutive days or spaced over several months with application assignments between sessions.
Leadership Fundamentals Case Study: The client is a nationwide engineering company seeking to educate managers on a range of skills including performance management, holding people accountable, communication styles, working with a multigenerational workforce, building trust and respect, courageous conversations, and more. Human Capital and Operations leaders partnered with CPI Twin Cities leadership development experts to customize and facilitate two two-day sessions delivered several months apart. CPI’s instructional designer/facilitator delivered train-the-trainer sessions with selected program leaders, and the company has rolled out highly successful Leadership Fundamentals programs across the country.

Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS)®

Leaders move beyond the often-ineffective annual review and gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct ongoing constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Manager as Coach Case Study: The client is a national professional services firm that identified a need for managers to work more effectively with their direct reports—especially Millennials—to drive better performance, more engagement, and a more positive workplace culture. CPI Twin Cities facilitated Manager as Coach sessions to equip leaders in a fun, highly interactive environment to take a coaching approach to managing their people. MAC learning focuses on asking vs. telling, gaining engagement and high performance through clear expectations, on-going touch-base conversations, and delivering frequent feedback in a way supports a culture of trust, respect, and accountability. 

Create Your Career GPS®

Best-in-class organizations recognize their people make all the difference! An investment in employee development is an investment in organizational success.

Create Your Career GPS creates an encouraging, stimulating environment through half-day workshops supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.
Individuals identify critical learning needs and assume accountability for their self-development. Organizations gain greater alignment between participants and core objectives as well as increased retention of valuable contributors.
Create Your Career GPS Case Study: The client is a large insurance company seeking to address the expressed need of employees for career information and career pathing as well as to drive higher engagement. CPI Twin Cities worked closely with the HR leadership team to customize three half-day learning sessions over several months targeting a cross-functional and cross-level group of participants, some early in their careers and looking for “what’s next?” and others at later stages wanting to learn, grow, and stay motivated. Create Your Career GPS delivered meaningful insights for individuals along with an important message of taking personal responsibility for career development while leveraging employer opportunities.

Workshop Topics

Sample topics include:

Five Functions of a Team

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team (framed in positive terms). Enhance trust, accountability, results-focus, and improved communication.

Five Functions of a Team Case Study
The client is a mid-size insurer seeking to improve collaboration and trust through better teamwork. CPI Twin Cities suggested Five Functions of a Team, a learning program based on Patrick Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and created in collaboration with Lencioni’s organization, The Table Group.  Participants read the book, took an assessment, then came together for a day to examine their practices and habits and make new commitments to build greater trust, master productive conflict, embrace accountability, and keep focusing on results.

Courageous Conversations

Build skill and confidence for having productive interactions with direct reports, peers, and bosses. Authentic communication is the linchpin for effective leadership and lasting employee engagement.

Thriving in the Multigenerational Workforce

Debby Magnuson, author of Work With Me: A New Lens on Leading the Multigenerational Workforce, gives you a crucial marketplace advantage by tackling generational differences that impact morale, productivity, and employee retention—equipping you to leverage areas of common ground.

Leading Change

The tools, skills, and mindsets essential to change leadership include resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-management, as well as practical day-to-day performance management practices geared toward helping employees thrive in a fast-moving workplace.

Managing Virtual Teams

Gain a competitive advantage by strengthening the effectiveness of your virtual teams. Help team members build trust, establish expectations for communication and collaboration, and drive results in integrated knowledge and skills, increased efficiencies, cost savings, and better customer service.

Employee Engagement

Designed for executives. Discover the most recent research on employee engagement, along with an in-depth exploration of ideas, tools, and real-life scenarios to deepen understanding and move to an action plan for a more engaged workforce.

Perspectives on Ethical Leadership

Inspirational yet practical, this program fosters a more ethical organizational culture by understanding different ethical perspectives, exploring ethical decision-making tools, and discussing real-world ethical dilemmas.

Leadership Bench Strength

Would you be ready if 50% of your current leaders left in the next five years? As Boomers exit leadership positions, many organizations are facing these generational demographics and global business realities. You receive innovative solutions to ensure leadership bench strength when your organization need it most. In expanded formats, you receive customized examples, case studies, and group activities to deepen insights and set up back-on-the-job applications that create long-term impact.

The Executive’s Guide to Career Derailers

Many of us have been blindsided by career events over which we felt we had no control—job loss, an unpleasant reversal in our career trajectory, or just a really bad day. Can we see these events coming? How can we respond when they threaten to derail us?

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence drives meaningful results for leaders at all levels. This interactive presentation addresses the meaning of EQ and the five domains of Emotional Intelligence. Discussion includes practical strategies for applying EQ principles at work.

Driving a Culture of Innovation

Clarify leaders’ roles in fostering a culture of innovation, discussing what works and what doesn’t in enabling creativity and risk taking. Expanded sessions explore case studies and tools for applying learning on the job.

Turning Good Intentions into Action

Explore what it takes to move from ideas to action using a structured process that has worked for hundreds of executive coaches and participants in our leadership productivity workshops. Includes activities to dig into what holds you back and create a roadmap for action.

Executive Onboarding

60% of executives fail in the first 18 months of employment—and many others don’t reach their full leadership potential because of poor onboarding practices. Learn how to develop an onboarding plan consisting of critical learning, influence, and alignment strategies.