Challenge the Status Quo:
HR Leadership in the New Work Environment

Presented by: Terry Gillis, Tamara Tasche, and
Maureen O'Malley Rehfuss

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About the Event

In this workshop, Career Partners’ top two senior executives share compelling findings from a recent client survey “Leadership in the New Work Environment: Minnesota Speaks.” In it, clients offered (in real time) how they were leading during the pandemic and shared ideas on how they plan to engage talent differently in the future. We’ll explore the high-level implications of the data and offer a few recommendations on what leadership behaviors will be needed to engage talent most effectively post-pandemic. In addition, we’ll have the Chairman of the Board for Career Partners International and Founder of AHRia Consulting, Terry Gillis, from Toronto, Canada bring a broader, global perspective. He’ll present insights and examples from his 2021 book “Desuckify Work: Doesn’t Everyone Deserve a Great Place to Work?”

Following a download of the survey data, Terry will address the three components to a healthy and vibrant workplace: 1) engaged employees, 2) great leaders, and 3) the right culture. All too often, one or two of these gets missed. Learn how to make sure that does not happen in your workplace by focusing on all three areas for maximum employee engagement. Terry challenges us to consistently look for creative approaches to HR’s standard ways of doing things. Rest assured, you’ll leave the session able to re-imagine a different future for HR, your companies, your leaders, and yourselves. 

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • High-level review of Career Partners’ Leadership Survey data, with implications for HR
  • Challenge the status quo of how we approach HR in the New Work Environment
  • Learn the interplay between engagement, leadership, and culture


About the Presenter

Terry is the President & CEO of Ahria Consulting, a regional talent management and human resources consulting firm based in London, Ontario, Canada. He has grown Ahria Consulting to be the “go to” consultancy for people solutions in the workplace.  Terry also currently serves as Chair of the Board of Managers for Career Partners International, the world’s largest independent talent management consultancy. Most recently, Terry launched his book “Desuckify Work” which became an international best seller on its first day!

Terry has over 25 years of experience attracting, retaining, managing and transitioning people in organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Applied Science in Organizational Psychology, and an MBA where he focused on organizational behavior and design, industrial relations, and strategic management.  He is also a certified professional coach.

Terry’s passion is to make the world’s workforce the best it can be – one organization and one person at a time – by increasing employee engagement, developing better leaders, and improving company culture.


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Terry Gillis