Leadership Workshops and Training Programs

Prepare your leaders & bring out the best in your people.

Talent Assessment Solutions

Career Partners Twin Cities offers several leadership development workshops, assessments, and training programs that help leaders at all levels of the organization to tackle the toughest people and work-related challenges.

If you need a custom leadership development solution, we can help! Contact us with your unique challenge.

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Talent Review for Promotions & Succession Planning

We help you assess the talent within your organization for succession readiness and developmental gaps, evaluating each participant for standard benchmarks for leadership, key organizational competencies, and unique needs of specific roles. We then facilitate a process for your leadership team to objectively review and share the data.

360 Degree Assessments

Employees at all levels need and want actionable feedback that furthers their professional development. Our 360/Multi-rater surveys provide feedback from multiple perspectives regarding critical behaviors that drive individual development and organizational success.

Workshop Topics

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team (framed in positive terms). Enhance trust, accountability, results-focus, and improved communication.
Build skill and confidence in having productive interactions with direct reports, peers, and bosses. Authentic communication is the linchpin for effective leadership and lasting employee engagement.
Debby Magnuson, author of Work With Me: A New Lens on Leading the Multigenerational Workforce, gives you a crucial marketplace advantage by tackling generational differences that impact morale, productivity, and employee retention—equipping you to leverage areas of common ground.
The tools, skills, and mindsets essential to change leadership include resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-management, as well as practical day-to-day performance management practices geared toward helping employees thrive in a fast-moving workplace.
Gain a competitive advantage by strengthening the effectiveness of your virtual teams. Help team members build trust, establish expectations for communication and collaboration, and drive results in integrated knowledge and skills, increased efficiencies, cost savings, and better customer service.
Designed for executives. Discover the most recent research on employee engagement, along with an in-depth exploration of ideas, tools, and real-life scenarios to deepen understanding and move to an action plan for a more engaged workforce.
Inspirational yet practical, this program fosters a more ethical organizational culture by understanding different ethical perspectives, exploring ethical decision-making tools, and discussing real-world ethical dilemmas.
Would you be ready if 50% of your current leaders left in the next five years? As Boomer’s exit leadership positions, many organizations are facing these generational demographics and global business realities. You receive innovative solutions to ensure leadership bench strength when your organization needs it most. In expanded formats, you receive customized examples, case studies, and group activities to deepen insights and set up back-on-the-job applications that create long-term impact.
Many of us have been blindsided by career events over which we felt we had no control—job loss, an unpleasant reversal in our career trajectory, or just a really bad day. Can we see these events coming? How can we respond when they threaten to derail us?
Emotional Intelligence drives meaningful results for leaders at all levels. This interactive presentation addresses the meaning of EQ and the five domains of Emotional Intelligence. Discussion includes practical strategies for applying EQ principles at work.
Clarify leaders’ roles in fostering a culture of innovation, discussing what works and what doesn’t in enabling creativity and risk-taking. Expanded sessions explore case studies and tools for applying learning on the job.
Explore what it takes to move from ideas to action using a structured process that has worked for hundreds of executive coaches and participants in our leadership productivity workshops. Includes activities to dig into what holds you back and create a roadmap for action.
60% of executives fail in the first 18 months of employment—and many others don’t reach their full leadership potential because of poor onboarding practices. Learn how to develop an onboarding plan consisting of critical learning, influence, and alignment strategies.
Group outplacement workshops deliver efficient and cost-effective job search training. Participants receive one, two, or three days of intensive training by experienced job search coaches. Your organization may enhance our workshops with additional services such as individual consultation. Programs are customized to company and employee needs.
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Leadership Development Programs

Our custom programs are easy-to-deploy and designed for your entire talent pipeline. Our coaches will help you determine the focus for development initiatives by evaluating learning styles and methodologies that work in your company culture. From strategic senior teams to broader leadership development offerings, we know what it takes to develop talent.

Program participants will receive ongoing support to make sure learning sticks. All learning programs are enriched by follow-up coaching, which ensures sustained individual and business growth.

Multi-day Leadership Learning Experiences

Leadership Fundamentals Program

The Leadership Fundamentals Program (LFP) supports managers and leaders in effective performance management of their people. The components of this multi-day program include coursework and application exercises to gain insights, practice new skills, and apply learning on the job. Key outcomes for LFP include:
The components of this multi-day program include coursework and application exercises to gain insights, practice new skills, and apply learning on the job. Key outcomes for LFP include:

Manager as A Coach Learning Series (MACLS)®

Leaders move beyond the often-ineffective annual review and gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct ongoing constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Create Your Career GPS®

Best-in-class organizations recognize that their people make all the difference! An investment in employee development is an investment in organizational success.

Create Your Career GPS creates an encouraging, stimulating environment through half-day workshops supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.

Individuals identify critical learning needs and assume accountability for their self-development. Organizations gain greater alignment between participants and core objectives as well as increased retention of valuable contributors.

Let's work together to create relevant, engaging, and results-focused learning experiences.