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Assessments that Deliver Leadership Insights

Whether your goal is executive realignment, succession planning, or leadership development, our customized assessment programs are designed to provide valuable insights that support talent management decisions and business growth.

Leadership Assessment Programs

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Our range of leadership assessment programs fit the development needs of current and future leaders at all levels.

Each assessment battery is customized to provide insight and clarify development needs. Our assessments accomplish the following:

Talent Readiness Assessment for Promotions & Succession Planning

We help you assess the talent within your organization for succession readiness and developmental gaps, evaluating each participant for standard benchmarks for leadership, key organizational competencies, and unique needs of specific roles. We then facilitate a process for your leadership team to objectively review and share the data.

360 Degree Assessments

Employees at all levels need and want actionable feedback that furthers their professional development. Our 360/Multi-rater surveys provide feedback from multiple perspectives regarding critical behaviors that drive individual development and organizational success.

Selection Assessment

Our talent assessments provide critical insights regarding a candidate’s strengths and developmental opportunities, long-term potential, and derailment risks. Our conclusions provide you with the most accurate information available to power your organization’s talent selection and promotion decisions.

Leadership Development Programs

Assessment Training

Every organization has unique talent management needs—needs often overlooked by a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we take the time to understand your business objectives and provide customized solutions.

As a client of Career Partners Twin Cities you can expect:

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Personalized Leadership Coaching

Leadership Fundamentals Program

The Leadership Fundamentals Program (LFP) supports managers and leaders in effective performance management of their people.

The components of this multi-day program include coursework and application exercises to gain insights, practice new skills, and apply learning on the job. Key outcomes for LFP include:

Manager as a Coach Learning Series

Leaders move beyond the often-ineffective annual review and gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct ongoing constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

Create Your Career GPS

Best-in-class organizations recognize that their people make all the difference! An investment in employee development is an investment in organizational success.

Create Your Career GPS creates an encouraging, stimulating environment through half-day workshops supplemented by an hour of individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.

Individuals identify critical learning needs and assume accountability for their self-development. Organizations gain greater alignment between participants and core objectives as well as increased retention of valuable contributors.

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Additional Workshops & Training Programs

Career Partners Twin Cities offers a full range of workshops and training programs to improve organizational and team performance.

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