Leadership & Executive Coaching

Optimizing organizational performance through one-on-one leadership coaching.

Benefits of Investing in Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching facilitates awareness, builds skills, and advances behavioral change to optimize leadership performance. Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for leaders and the benefits of providing coaching during times of organizational need. Engaging the experts at Career Partners Twin Cities enables your organization to align leadership coaching objectives with business strategy to achieve success.
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Leadership Coaching Aligned with Organizational Strategy and Goals

Our Accelerate Leadership Coaching model is a practical, fact-based coaching approach that leads to a highly productive business relationship and increased leadership effectiveness.

The value of executive coaching stems from its ability to create focus, ask compelling questions, intensify reflection, and provide consistent feedback on clear coaching objectives within the context of organizational needs. We have a proven process that incorporates:

  • Context setting (meeting with the participant and internal sponsor).
  • Leadership assessment.
  • Development planning and coaching.
  • Integration of new behavior and/or best practices into the workplace.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Personalized Leadership Coaching

Career Partners Twin Cities can boost your ability to compete in the marketplace. Our executive coaches are committed to understanding and addressing the unique circumstances and objectives of each executive. You get personalized solutions that bring innovation and relevance to the process. Explore some of our leadership coaching options below.

Coaching is used when you want to develop leaders to the next level or when specific developmental needs require attention. By enhancing self-awareness,  providing learning strategies, and supporting change through coaching, leaders grow in capacity and effectiveness. Data collection, observation techniques, and direct feedback are integrated in the process to achieve learning objectives.

Created to further enhance the leadership skills and successes of an organization’s most promising upcoming leaders, this coaching program focuses on the specific needs of each individual. High-Potential Coaching identifies key areas for personal leadership improvement by conducting stakeholder interviews, self and 360 assessments. A practical, fact-based action plan is co-developed by the leader and coach, and successfully implemented during the coaching process.
Career Partners Twin Cities assists organizations in improving team function at any level. An effective team evolves through clarity of purpose, aligning expectations, managing conflict, and clear accountability. Whether focusing on enhancing relationships, achieving collective results, leading a multigenerational workforce, or helping a newly formed team define its purpose, Team Coaching can help a team rise to higher levels of effectiveness. Team Coaching can include team development sessions, utilizing team effectiveness assessments to understand the current state of the team, or working one-on-one with a team leader. Team Coaching is helpful for both intact, local, and remote teams.
Targeted Coaching focuses on improving a leader’s performance by emphasizing a specific skill or behavior. Examples of Targeted Coaching can include enhancing presentation skills, interactions with the media, or building executive presence. Specific behavioral and mindset adjustments are identified and personal strategies are developed for the leader to enhance performance in a specific, targeted area.

Onboarding Coaching supports the early success of leaders. Leaders who are either new to an organization or who have recently taken on a new role with expanded scope and responsibilities. Onboarding Coaching provides a framework for leaders to clearly define their mission, and gain buy-in.  They will build necessary relationships, team dynamics, cultural norms, and generate a 30 – 60 – 90-day action plan to ensure early positive engagement.

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Vantage Executive Coaching

The Career Partners Twin Cities Vantage Executive Coaching is an exclusive program based on a process proven to enhance the effectiveness of leaders in your organization. Our Vantage process ensures that coaching objectives are aligned with organizational strategy and goals.

Career Partners Twin Cities Coaching Philosophy

For over 30 years, Career Partners has helped organizations and individuals realize their full potential and sharpen their competitive edge. We are committed to excellence and achieving the desired results for our clients.

Our commitment to you:

  • Our coaches will take the time to understand and appreciate the complex environments in which executives operate.
  • Our coaches will work with leaders to establish measurable and meaningful coaching plans tailored to the organization and their employees’ specific objectives.
  • We never present “off the shelf” training programs—all materials are customized to ensure relevance and optimal participant engagement in the learning sessions.
  • Our coaches will ensure a trusted and safe environment for the leader.
  • We are outcome-focused. Our coaching process will align desired outcomes with the organization’s and the individual’s business, leadership, operational, and interpersonal goals.
  • We support a collaborative process of equipping leaders with tools, knowledge, and opportunities to achieve success.

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