Sprint Coaching

A Highly Effective, Short-Term and Focused Coaching Approach

About Sprint Coaching

As we enter the post-pandemic era, companies need leaders who can tolerate ambiguity, manage change, and lead teams in a hybrid work environment. CPI Twin Cities explored how companies can best assist leaders challenged by constant uncertainty and disruption and created a short-term Sprint Coaching program. In a condensed 3-month timeframe, a certified CPI Coach provides targeted coaching intended to help leaders maintain focus, remain calm and confident, and be especially mindful of their leadership intent and impact while effectively managing change and leading diverse and geographically distributed teams. Sprint Coaching is intended to quickly increase self-awareness, create a pragmatic development plan, and provide laser-like focus on a specific learning objective.

What Leadership Behaviors Are Needed Now?

CPI coaches work with leaders to decide where to prioritize time and attention for the greatest individual and organizational impact. Research indicates that the following leadership behaviors are needed now and in the post-pandemic era:

  • Agility
  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Flexibility
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • Skills leading remote teams
  • Capacity to manage change
  • Holding others accountable
  • Transparent communications

Who is the Best Candidate for Sprint Coaching?

  • Any individual contributor, Manager, or Executive leader needing to develop personal resiliency, self-management, virtual/remote team leadership, communications, employee engagement, inclusive leadership/cultural competency, change management, visioning, and strategic focus skills
  • High performing employees lacking other forms of sponsored development opportunities

Sprint Coaching Process

  • Week 1: Discuss process, agree on goals, decide how success will be measured
  • Weeks 2-11: Bi-monthly (every other week) one hour virtual coaching
  • Week 5: Development plan created and reviewed
  • Week 12: Final action plan and coaching recommendations

Learn what sprint coaching can do for your organization and employees

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