Career Transition & Outplacement Programs

Creating a clear path forward for employees to successfully shift to new career opportunities.

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New Opportunities for Displaced Employees

Partnering with Career Partners Twin Cities ensures that employees are provided the resources and support they need for successful transitions. Providing quality outplacement assistance positions employees for ongoing success and preserves your organization’s reputation.

Choose from a wide array of career transition and outplacement programs to accommodate every level in an organization. All employees receive job search resources and personalized coaching to ensure a successful transition.

Looking for Executive Outplacement Services?

Look no further. Career Partners Twin Cities also offers executive outplacement services through our Vantage Executive Outplacement program. Every engagement is customized for the unique needs and opportunities of director-level through C-suite executives.

All transitioning executives in our Vantage Executive program receive the standard assistance as well as:

Vantage Executive Forum

Online Career Transition Tools

All candidates receive access to a suite of online career tools and resources available 24/7 to help individuals quickly land their next job opportunity.

The Career Partners Advantage

Individualized Support

Participants are paired with a trusted coach to guide them through the ups and downs of career transition. 

Ongoing Services

The process is not finished until the participant is satisfied they have what they need to land successfully. 

Constant Innovation

You’ll have access to the latest tools, resources, and support to ensure you are current with marketplace trends. 

Career Community

Network with over 6,000 alumni who enthusiastically give back to our current participants.

Specialized Staff Expertise

You get access to an online Brand Strategist, Career Coaches, Retirement Coaches, and a Psychologist for assessment, and feedback.

Worldwide Reach

With more than 350 offices in over 50 countries, we can provide a full range of services wherever our clients are located.

Partner Relocation Support

Our Partner Relocation programs are designed to prepare the impacted partner or spouse for a proactive search to ensure a smooth and effective career transition. Our services can be offered at any stage in the recruitment process and include one-on-one career consulting prior to relocation as well as resume development, online resources, marketplace research, interview and networking preparation and more.
online career tools

Life Planning Options

New Horizons® Retirement Planning

New Horizons® is a comprehensive retirement planning curriculum that identifies an individual’s preparedness for every facet of retirement, to ensure the transition is as successful as possible for both the company and the retiree. The New Horizons® program centers around core materials designed to empower individuals to make the best decisions for their retirement. The curriculum begins with a comprehensive assessment that covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors. The assessment provides a clear, well-ordered, and scaled overview of how each participant compares to others in similar life circumstances with respect to their personal growth toward retirement.

Life Options Planning

New Horizons: Mapping Your Life Options™ challenges conventional thinking about retirement as the cessation of career and active living. By equipping mature workers to map their life options, this individual or group program benefits both employees and organizations. Mature workers feel more secure about their future, and companies can cultivate strategic ongoing relationships with valued workers.




What to Expect From Career Partners Twin Cities

Faced with the concerns that typically accompany a layoff, transitioning employees at every level deserve a one-on-one coach to guide them through crucial decisions—whether to pursue the same career, retrain, relocate, retire, or start a business. With proven techniques, wide-ranging corporate experience, and a pulse on the local job market, our consultants provide personalized coaching that puts participants miles ahead of self-administered or online outplacement programs.
Face-to-face career coaching is central in our transition programs. Career Partners also provides participants with an array of relevant resources, including an extensive proprietary online career portal, live workshops, webinars, weekly networking events, and connections with local Alumni.
Career Partners’ outplacement programs are highly individualized for senior executives, directors and individual contributors. Group transition workshops can also be structured to incorporate individual coaching. Remote programs are also a highly engaging solution, combining a robust online career portal with one-on-one coaching. Our goal for every transition engagement is to meet the needs of both the organization and individual participants.

Candidate-Centered Career Transition Approach

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Step 1: Focus

We begin with one-on-one conversations with our candidates. Success involves focusing on their needs, aspirations, and career goals.

Program participants can expect:

Career Transition 3

Step 2: Plan

We work with our candidates to define their specific goals, expand their options, and uncover new opportunities during their transition.

This includes one-on-one coaching and support covering:

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Step 3: Search and Land

Next, we provide candidates with search tools that will focus them on the right targets and launch their search strategy, giving them access to:

Program participants can expect:

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Step 4: Sustain

Once our candidates have landed in their new roles, we stay with them throughout the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

Resources include:

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Vantage Executive Services

Custom-built programs designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations.

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