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If you’ve been referred to Career Partners Twin Cities by your employer, you’re receiving valuable services as part of the benefits provided to exiting employees. You’ll have the opportunity to work with our highly-regarded team of career experts and receive the latest tools, strategy, and support to start and sustain your search for your best-fit role.

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Our proprietary career portal, includes the latest and best career tools and resources, supplemented by professional career coaches who know how to help employees find a job during their transition.

These tools will help you conduct an efficient and effective job search.

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Online Career Tools

Online resources and support for a successful career transition.
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What to Expect

As you face the reality of job loss, you deserve a personal guide through your many decisions—whether to pursue the same career, train for a new role, relocate, retire, or start your own businesses. CPI Twin Cities consultants provide you with ample one-on-one coaching that focuses and accelerates your search, no matter your job function or level.

Even if you feel confident about your ability to land your next job, you receive the encouragement you need to make the most of the career transition services provided for you. Whatever search skills and capacity for resilience you bring, we make you a better candidate. You will be guided through:

While face-to-face career coaching is central to our transition programs, CPI Twin Cities makes an array of relevant resources available to you. You have access to multiple interactive small-group workshops each week and opportunities to network. An extensive online career portal is available to you and exclusive to CPI candidates. PowerMyCareer™ includes succinct guidance, development tools, access to industry-leading databases, webinars, and more!
Candidates who work with CPI Twin Cities quickly experience a difference. You receive genuine concern and a desire to help you succeed along with best-in-class services.

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