Vantage Executive Services

High-Impact leadership programs for senior executives.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills with Vantage Executive Services

Our Vantage Executive Services programs provide the highest quality onboarding, coaching and outplacement support to help strengthen the leadership capacity of executives.

Experience a high-touch alternative to traditional outplacement, onboarding, and executive coaching programs with Vantage Executive Services, brought to you by Career Partners Twin Cities. 

Vantage Executive Outplacement

Our Vantage Executive Outplacement program provides highly personalized services that support the unique needs of senior-level executives who are looking to transition to a new opportunity.

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Vantage Executive Coaching

The Career Partners Twin Cities Vantage Executive Coaching Model is a proven step-by-step process to enhance the development and effectiveness of leaders in your organization. Our program aligns coaching with organizational goals to deliver custom-built programs designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations.

Vantage Executive Onboarding

Our Vantage Executive Onboarding program applies the latest onboarding practices to increase the probability of success on the job while significantly reducing the risk of executive turnover in high stakes placements. 

Career Coaching
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Vantage Board Readiness Program

At CPI, we know the prospect of joining a board can feel complex and cumbersome.  We can assist you in simplifying the process and connecting you with the best branding and coaching resources to soundly prepare you to take on a board leadership role.

The Career Partners Advantage

You can count on the local team at Career Partners Twin Cities to help accelerate business growth and improve leadership effectiveness through talent management solutions.

Local Expertise + Global Reach

Our local team of HR experts offers a breadth and depth of hometown knowledge and experience in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. We also have global capabilities through our ownership in Career Partners International, with more than 350 offices in over 50 countries.

Client Satisfaction

Career Partners International has earned the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score of +85. Our focus on delivering highly personalized experiences to our clients is what separates us from other talent management firms.

Coaches with Experience

You can count on the experienced team at Career Partners Twin Cities to exceed your expectations. Our team of experts specializes in creating compelling career solutions focused on executive coaching, talent development, HR consulting and outplacement services.

Personalized Attention

Career Partners Twin Cities has the industry’s best coach to participant ratio to ensure each individual receives a focused, personalized approach.
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You’re in Good Company

Schedule a free consultation and see what separates us from other executive talent management firms.

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