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Sharpen your competitive edge with personalized leadership coaching brought to you by Vantage Executive Services.

Executive Coaching Aligned with Organizational Strategy and Goals

We know that senior leadership is intricate and multifaceted! The Vantage executive coaching model looks at organizational leadership from six different dimensions, all of which are taking place at the same time. Our coaching process supports executives in specifically addressing one – or juggling all – of the following leadership dimensions:
To support our Vantage coaching program, we offer a wide variety of coaching expertise. All Vantage coaches have significant experience, were carefully chosen for their expertise, and are trained in the CPI coaching process. Participants may select from Licensed Psychologists, Master’s level coaches, business leaders and specialized coaches in executive onboarding change management, global leadership, family business, C-Suite, and entrepreneurial leadership. To learn more about our Vantage Executive Coaching services, contact us.
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Ensure High Performance with Personalized Leadership Coaching

Career Partners Twin Cities can boost your ability to compete in the marketplace. Our executive coaches are committed to understanding and addressing the unique circumstances and objectives of each executive. You get personalized solutions that bring innovation and relevance to the process. Explore some of our Vantage Executive Coaching options below.

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