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Positioning Executives for Career Success

In today’s business environment, every second impacts your company’s bottom line. Accelerate leader contributions and organizational impact with a personalized Executive Onboarding Strategy from the team of experts at Career Partners Twin Cities. The stats don’t lie! Executive Onboarding is a good investment.

Reduce Turnover and Costs

Corporate or organization

Enhance Organizational Impact


Attract and Retain Top Talent

Greater bench strength

Accelerate Assimilation and Engagement

Solutions for Common Onboarding Challenges

Throughout the onboarding engagement, a critical external perspective is provided by your executive coach. Executives are presented with thought-provoking questions and led through a step-by-step process to effectively overcome the primary onboarding challenges encountered in a new role.
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Maintaining perspective and emotional balance while dealing with the pressures of the new leadership position.
Learning about the company fast – before entry and during the first few months.
Building credibility and productive working relationships with the new boss, peers, subordinates, direct team, and key stakeholders.
Aligning a “Burning Platform” with the organization’s strategy, structure, systems, capabilities and culture.
Laying a foundation that will move strategy and plans forward.
Establishing on-going priorities that support organizational vision and strategy.

Building A Better Onboarding Program for Senior Executives

Executive Coaches at Career Partners Twin Cities apply the latest onboarding practices to increase success while significantly reducing the risk of executive failure in high stakes placements. Our proven step-by-step process includes:
Career Coaching

Let's create relevant, engaging, and results-focused learning experiences.

The Pillars of Our Onboarding Program

leadership development

Cultural Assimilation

Our onboarding program includes a cultural assessment conducted by the new leader to increase understanding of strategic direction, values, organizational structure, and communication preferences. Learnings are discussed with the onboarding coach and strategies are formulated for effective cultural assimilation.

Perception Management

Managing the growing perceptions of the new leader within the first six months is critical to successful onboarding. Participants will complete an assessment that flags natural derailers under pressure to increase awareness of behavior that may emerge while onboarding.

Best Practices

CPI Twin Cities coaches guide participants through well researched and successfully piloted best practices throughout the onboarding period.

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