Executive Outplacement and Career Transition

Launch into your next career opportunity.

We Help Executives Successfully Transition to the Next Phase of their Careers

Career Partners Twin Cities provides personalized outplacement services for each executive candidate. Our process reduces time to placement and allows for professional growth during the transition period. All executives receive an in-depth needs assessment to identify their unique transition needs.

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Candidates select from an extensive portfolio of transition services including:

An Executive Transition Program Customized For You

A Leadership Growth Experience

Career Partners Twin Cities offers weekly executive forums and regularly hosts leadership networking events to ensure access to a wide variety of professional contacts and experiences that challenge leaders to learn new skills while building their executive networks.

Executive Brand InView Digital Presence Tools

Access our proprietary Executive Brand InView tools for an in-depth brand audit that uses artificial intelligence to help executives understand their digital profile and online brand profile. Our suite of technology tools, combined with personalized assistance from a brand strategy consultant, will provide executives a clear advantage by analyzing their competition and prepare them for tough interviews.

Executive Onboarding

Career Partners Twin Cities applies the latest onboarding practices to drive the probability of success on the new job while significantly reducing the risk of executive turnover in high stakes placements. Our process includes:

Creative and Contemporary Career Guidance

We specialize in working with leaders who want to shift away from the corporate environment and seek a new non-traditional career. We can help you explore a new path in:

Comparing Executive Transition Programs? With Vantage Executive Outplacement You Get Much More!

As an Executive Transition candidate at Career Partners Twin Cities, there’s no time limit on your services. We pioneered the soft-landing approach 30 years ago. We stay with you until you’ve successfully launched into your next role.
After working with our social media coach, one executive saw his LinkedIn account go from 832 contacts to 1,827 and increase profile views five-fold.

The Career Partners Executive Forum is a weekly networking and development opportunity exclusively for executives. Executives receive cohort support, best practices in executive job search, and leadership development experiences.

As a client, you have access to our networking resources, receive introductions to executive recruiters and alumni, and attend parties, happy hours, and executive breakfasts.

You’ll have access to our broad network of resources—locally, nationally, and internationally. Through Career Partners International, we’re connected to over 350 offices in more than 50 countries around the world.

Developed along with our global partners and enhanced by our local resources, our online portal offers proprietary career transition tools, private equity and venture capital research, and access to the best high-value data on companies public and private, more than 150 million organizations worldwide.
You receive an open invitation to return for a resume review, participate in Executive Forum and other CPI Twin Cities events, and access our resource-rich online portal. We’re intent on forming long-term career relationships!
The national statistics are stark: Executives hired from outside an organization have a 60% failure rate in the first 18 months on the job. You receive coaching to create a plan to launch into your next role. It’s a value-added service for all executive programs.
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Vantage Executive Coaching

The Career Partners Twin Cities Vantage Coaching Model is a proven step-by-step process to enhance the development and effectiveness of leaders in your organization. Our program aligns coaching with organizational goals to deliver custom-built programs designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations.

Looking for Corporate Outplacement Programs?

We provide separated employees with career coaching, support, and guidance to help them successfully transition into their next role as quickly as possible. Every Employee Deserves a Smooth Transition. We Can Help!

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