Dreaming About Retirement?


The 4 keys to finding joy and fulfillment in your next chapter are covered by Maureen O’Malley Rehfuss and Lorrie Saito in this video podcast hosted by Catherine Byers Breet of Arbez.


How prepared are you for retirement? Take this short quiz to help you determine how ready you are to retire.

In Retirement, do you have a plan for:

  Yes No Maybe
1.      Exercising your mind for continued, personal learning?
2.      Changes in income, health and/or lifestyle that may affect your financial security?
3.      Maintaining your sense of purpose and self-worth?
4.      How you will purposefully spend your time with fulfilling activities and interests?
5.      Interaction with others to build and maintain enjoyable relationships?
6.      Managing family commitments to aging parents, children and grandchildren?
7.      Where you will reside?
8.      Making adjustments to ensure a healthy attitude towards life and retirement?


If you have selected No or Maybe, it means you’ve neither thought much about this topic nor done anything about it. Perhaps you haven’t thought about the topic at all. To have a meaningful, fulfilling next chapter that brings you joy, always be mindful and purposeful in your choices.

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CPI Twin Cities

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