Does Outplacement Contribute to Ongoing Career Success?

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In an effort to determine whether the outplacement experience contributes to ongoing career management success, we interviewed a sample of executive alumni.  The answer: a resounding “Yes”!

Themes in the interview indicate the following career management advantages following completion of outplacement programming:

Increased Self-Awareness & Career Direction Clarity

  • “My consultant worked with me to define who I am and what motivates me.  This helped me to understand not just what I could do with my career, but what I am driven to do!”
  • “The career assessment process helped me to understand where I would thrive and flourish.  I am more patient, pointed and selective now as I review career opportunities.”
  • “I am much more cognizant of my strengths, weaknesses and values as they relate to my current and future career objectives.”

Capacity for Self-Promotion

  • “The personal branding process was important to me.  I am constantly reviewing my brand and communicating how I can add value in ways consistent with my brand.”
  • “I think I am more savvy in terms of how I sell myself.  I am not a self promoter by nature, but you’ve got to blow your own horn a bit to get noticed.”
  • “I am much more focused on building and maintaining quality relationships within my company and on communicating how I can contribute to the success of internal partners.”

On-Boarding Success

  • “I took the on-boarding training provided in the CPI Executive Forum to heart.  Applying these strategies made a positive difference for me during my first three months on the new job.”
  • “CPI’s on-boarding assistance helped me set the stage for success in my new position.”

On-Going Career Management

  • “I am now very focused on staying in touch with people (2-3 e-mails at the beginning of each week) in order to maintain my professional network.  I try to communicate regularly with key stakeholders and centers of influence.” 
  • “I feel more confident in my ability to make career moves now.  I understand how the ‘game’ is played, and I keep my personal marketing tools updated.”
  • “As a result of my work with a CPI coach, my resume is outstanding.  It will help me compete for opportunities inside my company as well as within the marketplace if needed.”

In addition to these career advantages, the executive alumni interviews provided further insight regarding the outplacement experience.  Additional comments focused on the quality of relationships developed at CPI (with staff members and other candidates); the value of the weekly Executive Forum for training, networking and support; and appreciation for the opportunity to gather perspectives from multiple CPI team members, each with different types of expertise.  Lastly, several individuals interviewed expressed their intent to take advantage of both CPI alumni and career development services in the future.

We believe the outplacement experience can provide the insight needed to view one’s career differently, to leverage one’s strengths more fully, and to make career decisions more purposefully.  The personal reflection and assessment required to brand oneself provides a foundation for ongoing career and leadership development. Does outplacement contribute to ongoing career success? We believe it does.

Clare Cavalier

Clare Cavalier

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