Want To Create Resilient Leaders That Thrive During COVID-19? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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COVID-19 is disrupting the way people live and how workplaces operate around the globe. Returning back to the status quo will be nearly impossible. Companies have shifted their focus from long-term to short-term strategies in an effort to survive COVID-19. Employees emotions are heightened due to the uncertainty of how long this pandemic will last.

The greatest challenge management faces is being able to find a balance between being empathetic and authoritative. As the C-suite scrambles to establish a business continuity plan and pivot the business to meet the current economic needs, they’re less available to provide the training their managers require to thrive during COVID-19.

Here are a few ways you can develop and equip your managers with the leadership skills they need to thrive during COVID-19.

  • Create a Management Mastermind: The goal here is to create a safe space for all mangers to come together and meet via video call to share challenges and best practices, seek advice, hold each other accountable, ask questions and support one another.
  • Establish a Channel for Sharing Resources: Right now, there’s an abundance of resources available free of charge to both companies and employees. A simple Google search will point you in the right direction.
  • Bring in a Virtual Coach for Individual or Team training: When managers are well-equipped and confident to lead their team, their employees are happier, more productive and are high achieving performers
  • Have Weekly Learning Sessions: Some training topics to consider are time management strategies while working from home, stress management, emotional intelligence, resilience, effective communication, employee engagement, practicing proper health and wellness.

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