Executive Networking Session

Presented by: Maureen Rehfuss & Tamara Tasche

Thursday, August 4th at 10:00 am CST

About the Event

Join us for a virtual open forum and peer coaching session facilitated by CPI’s own Tamara Tasche and Maureen Rehfuss.
We will discuss answers to the following questions:
  • What are you seeing and experiencing in the marketplace?
  • What is and is not working for you during the job search?
  • Where are you really getting stuck?
  • What lessons have you learned that you can share with your peers in transition?
  • What would you like to learn from your peers in transition?
We look forward to seeing you there!

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About the Presenters

Maureen Rehfuss is President & CEO, and owner of CPI Twin Cities. She understands the importance of unlocking individual and team potential. As a former Human Resource Executive, Maureen has a unique blend of professional experiences working with leaders and teams at all levels to unlock potential and create sustainable change. Candid with compassion and a sense of humor, Maureen helps clients see things through a different lens and work on what matters most.

Maureen has contributed in a variety of areas, including executive human resources leadership, organization redesign, change management, talent management, leadership development, and operations consulting. She believes in a collaborative, systemic approach to individual and organizational development. Her background includes professional services in communication, consulting and engineering, high and low-tech manufacturing, and financial services. Read more about Maureen here.


Tamara Tasche is the VP of Executive and Transition Services for CPI Twin Cities. She leads the executive coaching, onboarding, assessment, and transition practice areas. Tamara has over 20 years of experience working with leaders throughout the full employment experience – from executive onboarding to coaching and development, and through transition to new employment. As an executive coach, she leverages solid assessment abilities, a talent for structuring process and action steps, a systems perspective, and well-honed coaching skills to inspire growth and to support her clients in selecting and implementing purposeful behavior that will produced desired results.

Tamara is a warm and engaging coach and educational speaker. Recognized as a thought leader in creating meaningful coaching and transition experiences, she develops and delivers customized services that are differentiated in the marketplace and lead to success. Read more about Tamara here.



Maureen O’Malley Rehfuss

Tamara Tasche

Tamara Tasche

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