After The Offer:
Excelling In Your Next Job

Presented by: Steve Moss

Thursday, January 5th, at 10:00 am CST

About the Event

AFTER THE OFFER: EXCELLING IN YOUR NEXT JOB with Steve Moss, President of onboarding consultancy Executive Springboard. In an interactive discussion, Steve will share four important strategies for succeeding in your next role. He will also cover the cost of failed executive placements, why new executives derail, and the importance of having your own personal Board of Directors. Steve is based in Annapolis, MD.

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About the Presenter

Steve Moss’s career has been characterized by building brands and people’s careers.
In corporate life, he was a Chief Marketing Officer in consumer goods and technology. He created Capri cigarettes, reversed declines on the Smirnoff and Pillsbury brands, launched Häagen-Dazs in China and grew global market share leadership at Imation.
He has also seen over 50 of his former reports move on to VP or President roles. Either this a testament to his people development skills or an indication of just how long he’s been around.
In 2017, Steve founded Executive Springboard, a mentoring business designed to integrate executives successfully into new roles.  He has recruited a network of over 100 mentors, covering over twenty functions and a dozen countries. And he has developed a reputation as a thought leader in onboarding, leadership development, DEI and executive transitions. Pre-pandemic, he presented live to our Vantage group. He’s since relocated to the east coast, so he is coming to us by video this time.
Steve has a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Steve Moss 

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