My Vital Few

Presented by: Bill Fitzgerald

Thursday, July 13th at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

About the Event

My Vital Few redefines what we mean by networking and leads to long-term success. 

How is it different?

  • My Vital Few is more about relationship building than how many connections you have on social media
  • My Vital Few is a lifestyle and isn’t driven by events or circumstances
  • My Vital Few is intentional and regular  
  • My Vital Few is how you learn to help others while focusing less on yourself
  • My Vital Few is how you maintain a networking campaign during a job search and how you hear about career opportunities you didn’t know were available

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About the Presenter

Bill Fitzgerald is an experienced executive search professional, entrepreneur, and author.   FitzDrake Search, Inc. has placed hundreds of executives in leading companies and organizations. Prior to launching FitzDrake Search, Inc. in 2004, Bill worked at AOL, Hewlett Packard, and ADP in HR and Organization Development.  

Bill recently published, How to Find a New Job Without Looking, which highlights the importance of networking and relationship-building for career success, emphasizing the power of offering assistance and maintaining strong connections.  

Bill is also the Co-creator of My Vital Few.  My Vital Few is a web-based application that works with LinkedIn to manage and automate a networking effort when you are searching for a job and for staying connected afterwards.  Bill has published over 60 LinkedIn articles on leadership, the job search and career management.  Bill has an MSOD from Pepperdine University and an M.S. and Ed.S, from SUNY Albany.

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                                     Bill Fitzgerald

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