Color Outside the Lines:
Grow Your Circle of Influence

Presented by: Becky Amble

Thursday, June 1st at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

About the Event

Join us June 1st for our in-person Vantage Executive Forum, where Becky Amble has been asked to share tips on Networking from over 30 years of experience. She became known as a networking expert as she used her skills to start a finance company which resulted in record success. In her first year of the  start-up, she met personally with 350 commercial lenders and kept going from there. The first year 95% of revenues came from referrals. As she continued to grow the business, people took notice of her networking skills and asked her to share her ideas.

During our session Becky will share ideas and encourage us to do things to grow our circles of influence. Her goal is for you to pick up one new idea that you haven’t used before. It may be time to do something different in your networking approach if you want to get different result.

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About the Presenter

As founder and president of Future Focus, Becky has spent over 30 years working with businesses on revenue growth, marketing strategy and understanding customers. She has worked with start-ups, launched products, sunsetted products and done turnarounds. Her passion is working with companies who want to grow whether that is 20% or 200%. Becky works with smaller B2B companies with $5MM in revenue or less in a group setting, and works with larger companies of $25-100MM on a one-on-one basis as their VP of Marketing.

When asked if she could do anything, she says she would do just what she is doing: Helping business owners and leaders grow their businesses and live their dreams. She finds joy in helping others find their joy.

Her accomplishments include being quoted in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as well as local and regional publications, and radio stations across America. She has authored over 100 nationally published articles and YouTube videos, and over 10 books. Audiences and clients include those in both the public and private sectors, from small business to Fortune 50 companies (from the Science Museum of MN to 3M).

Marketing strategy and research have been a cornerstone of Amble’s work. She recently launched an online service for small B2B companies to work with them on growing their businesses and developing a focused plan. She also has a new book that is a Journal to encourage people to follow their dreams. It is called, My Brilliant Ideas, Hopes and Dreams and launched on Amazon books January 20, 2023 and hit best seller status the first day!

A partial list of Rebecca’s awards include: The World Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and Outstanding Young Women of America, The Harold J. Cummings Business Executive of the Year Award, the President’s Award and the Emerging Marketing Executive Award.

Amble is the President of the Bloomington Rotary Foundation and past VP of that group. She is on the Board of Directors of The Eagle Group of MN Veterans where she also organizes monthly speaker programs. As a Member of the Bloomington Rotary, Amble also assists with programing and photography of meetings. She is a member of the Roseville Optimists, PDMA (Product Development and Management Association), ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) and Oakdale Chamber of Commerce. Her past memberships have included Sales and Marketing Executives International, American Marketing Association, American Society of Training and Development, Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota State Bar and World Future Society.

Becky graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing from Central Michigan University, also summa cum laude.

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Becky Amble 

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IMPORTANT: Once you RSVP, the add-to-calendar invite will be available to download. Usually pops up at the bottom left area of your screen. This is where you will find the address for this in-person event 

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