Going With Grace During
Life’s Constant Transitions

Presented by: Kathy Hollenhorst

Thursday, May 4th, at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

About the Event

Kathy Hollenhorst will speak to Going with Grace During Life’s Constant Transitions about how to lead in these post-pandemic/possible recessionary times and how to gracefully transition to your next personal/professional adventure.

She’ll speak to:

  • Our ‘new’ normal of leading in today’s changing business environment
  • How to attract and keep good people in today’s ‘talent war’
  • Learnings from her own personal journey from large company executive to small business owner/seller to successful business advisor
  • Tips on leveraging your (and our) networks during professional job changes

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About the Presenter

Kathy Hollenhorst Intrapreneur, Business Coach, Podcast Host, LPGA Wannabe

Kathy’s career runs the gamut from HR assistant in a small health care org to global business leader in a Fortune 100 company to owning and selling a small business. She is a self-proclaimed Intrapreneur because she likes building the next new thing within established systems. Her most recent ‘new thing’ is her coaching practice which helps business leaders Go With Grace through periods of change.
Since 2014, Kathy was President/CEO and owner of Creatis which was acquired by a national company, 24 Seven, in 2021. Prior to that, Kathy had seven roles during her 12 years at Carlson Companies including EVP Digital | Customer Engagement, Corporate VP of Enterprise Marketing and VP of Global Marketing – Hotels. Kathy was also SVP Marketing & Product Development at Caribou Coffee, SVP of Marketing for Greater Twin Cities United Way and Director of Global Frequency Marketing for Holiday Inn Worldwide.
Kathy’s background in running large and small companies that are both for profit and non-profit across many industries provides her with a unique perspective on what it takes to make businesses successful. Her professional journey includes doing business in 25+ countries so she brings a global, national and local perspective to her work. She holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota and BS degrees in both Management and in Business Administration from Moorhead State University.
Kathy lives in Becker MN with her husband, Leon Fischer, where she enjoys yoga, golf, bridge, gardening, cooking, podcast listening and harmonic playing.”
Kathy Hollenhorst Head shot

                           Kathy Hollenhorst

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